Nadira Jamal, Belly Dancer

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"The moves were familiar, but the intention behind the use of a move was all brand new."

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Informational Sites and Resources

Dancers and Schools

    Dancers with whom I've studied or taken workshops

  • Amira Jamal

    My primary instructor. Highly recommended for beginners and advanced alike. Tell her Nadira sent you!

  • Artemis Mourat

    One of the foremost experts in Turkish and Romani dance, and a sweet and giving teacher to boot! Based in the DC area.

  • Najmat

    Specailizes in modern arabic dance.

  • Shadia

    Wonderful teacher in classical Arabic (esp. Lebanese) styles, and a very talented costumer.

  • Melina

    A second-generation belly dancer, and one of the Daughters of Rhea.

  • Phaedra

    Boston area dancer, and one of my favorite workshop teachers.

  • Sirrom School

    Houston, TX belly dance school, where I studied in the summer of 2002.

  • Piper

    The Baltimore member of the Daughters of Rhea, and Bellydancer of the Year 2000.

  • The Goddess Dancing

    Cambridge, MA

  • Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance

    Yousry and Nourhan Sharif.

    Dancers I've learned from via video (instructional or performance)

  • Leyla Najma

    Creator of the Hip Phylosophy training DVD. I highly recommend her custom instructional video service.

  • Keti Sharif

    Australian dancer, dance study tour leader, and author of A-Z Belly Dance.

  • Visionary Dance Productions

    Delilah of Seattle

  • Amaya

    Star of an intermediate-level veilwork video, and others that I haven't seen

    Dancers I've learned from via articles or web pages

  • Morocco and the Casbah Dance Experience

    World famous performer, teacher and dance researcher. Wonderful articles.

  • Aziza Sa'id's Mid-Eastern Belly Dance Page

    Try her On-Line lessons. Not a substitute for a proper class, but she understands the subtleties of the movements, and explains them EXTREMELY clearly. Also take a look at her prodigious number of links

    Other Dancers' sites

  • Jemileh Nour

    A wonderful dancer and personal friend

  • Lilya

    Another wonderful dancer and personal friend. Brilliant balancer!

  • Zemirah

    Another wonderful dancer and personal friend, as well as musician

  • Mayada

    Toronto-based dancer. Her page includes articles and great links.

  • Asim's Middle Eastern Dance Link Site

    Lots of links assembled by a male dancer; can be tricky to navigate, but worth it.

  • Hassan and Nagwa Middle Eastern Dance Productions

    In the Philadelphia area.


  • Sassy Sparkles

    New England distributor of Eye Kandy cosmetic glitter. This stuff ROCKS. It comes in a million colors, is safe for contacts and sensitive eyes (I speak from experience), is easy to remove, and doesn't run off when you sweat. And Samantha and louisa are the sweetest people!

  • Anatolia Imports

    Rhode Island-based vendor of costumes, accessories, music and some videos. They carry beginner, standard, and professional costume lines (these are my terms, not theirs). Unfortunately, they don't have an online store, but DO have a REAL store in Warwick, RI. They frequently take their merchandise to events throughout the Northeast, and sometimes farther afield. I highly recommend them.

  • Dahlal Internationale

    Costumes to drool over, plus a wide selection of music, videos and some accessories

  • Belly Roll Costumes

    Tribal Wear Vendor

  • Discount Dance Supply

    A mostly-ballet-and-modern-focused supplier, but a great source for hermes sandals and other footwear, dance briefs, and hypoallergenic eyelash glue.

  • Dharma Trading

    Textile crafts supplies catalog. Unbelieveable ready-to-dye fabrics. Their 5mm Habotai floats like a dream; try it for your dance veil. (See it in action in this picture.) You'll have to dye it yourself (or leave it white, which has the most beautiful sheen), but at these prices and quality, it's worth it! I recommend beading at least one of the long edges- it makes it easier to handle this very fine material.


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