Nadira Jamal, Belly Dancer

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"I came across the first part of [Taktaba] Episode I on YouTube and I was absolutely delighted. I can't wait for more!"

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Improvisation Toolkit on DVD

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Improvisation toolkit now available on DVD!

Many dancers are frustrated by improv, and it's no wonder. Most teachers throw them in the improv deep end by telling them to "just do it" in class.

the Improvisation Toolkit will start you off in the shallow end. Practical, step-by-step instructions will help you build the fundamental (but often overlooked) skills you need improvise with confidence. You'll be able to gradually let go of the pool wall and move into deeper water with confidence.

Learn more about the series , or go directly to the volume :

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Performance Videos

You can find videos of Nadira in performance on You Tube. Nadira's favorites include:
  • Raks Leyla
    An improvised performance with a live band. The video quality is unfortunate, but the dancing is my bread and butter!
  • Roman
    A fusion piece including elements of Vintage Orientale Karsilama, Turkish Romani dance and Dalia Carella's Dunyavi style.
  • Leylet Hob
    A classic song by Arab diva Oum Kalthoum, interpreted in the Vintage Orientale style

Taktaba Video Podcast

Nadira is the hostess of Taktaba, the free video podcast on dance composition for belly dancers. Taktaba presents an analytical approach to dance composition by exploring different elements of space, shape, time, and energy. Whether you choreograph your dance or improvise your compositions, the way you use these elements defines your dance and makes your style unique. Please join me as I seek to improve my own dance by exploring these elements.

How to get Taktaba:

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